HOM and Rapid Prototyping


During the first quarter of IDEA, a major focus of ours was on the habits of mind. These are traits that any good inventor must have. They combine the abilities of innovating, a good work ethic, and being good to work with in a list of 14 traits. At the end of the year we have shifted our focus to rapid prototyping. This is the process of using a 3D printer to print prototypes using programs such as Sketch Up and Tinker Cad.


              The idea of rapid prototyping is congruent with the habits of mind. Rapid prototyping encourages us to show how we are working our habits of mind. One example is with the habit of questions and posing problems. This habit goes along very well with rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping has groups create model of their product quickly and efficiently.  This allows for groups to keep seeing their prototypes and improve on them. Another relation between the two is striving for accuracy. By constantly building prototypes quickly giving groups the opportunity to make the optimal product. A third trait that goes well with rapid prototyping is creating, imagining, innovating. Being able to use the 3D printer lets us create and innovate at a very rapid level. It true gets the engineering juices flowing. 3D printing goes along without habits of mind. It lets us improve our product as much as we possibly can and lets us see our model to improve it.


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