HOM Self-Reflection

Persisting- I feel that I am pretty motivated and able to push through hard things, but I could do better. I do what needs to be done.

Listening with understanding & empathy- I am good at taking other people's ideas into account when I am working with them. I am good at seeing where they are coming from and using there information to help me.

Thinking about thinking- I am pretty good at thinking throughly and taking everything into account when I am preforming tasks.

Questioning & posing problems- I am very good at looking at what is wrong and questioning it. Also, I am good at question if something is going wrong.

Thinking & communicating with clarity & precision- I am OK at saying what I mean. On occasion, I can't communicate what I am thinking, but most of the time I can.

Creating, imagining, inovating- I am pretty good at following through and making my thoughts into something I want it to be, but I can improve.

Taking responsible risks- This is my best habit of mind. I am good at judging what is a good risk to take and what is not.

Thinking Interdependently- I am good at think about how things connect to eachother and the best way to take advantage of this.

Mangaging Inpulsivity- I am pretty good at managing my impulses and thinking before acting.

Thinking Flexibly- I can think outside the box and not just stick to you train of thought.

Striving for accuracy- I am pretting good at striving for perfection when I preform tasks.

Applying past knowledge to new situations- I am pretty good at taking past experiences into account when doing other thing and connecting them to help me.

Gathering data through all senses- I need to work on taking all my senses into account when examining ideas and products.

Responding with wonderment and awe- I need to work an reponsing to things by apprienating them to the fullest exent.

Finding humor- I am good at not taking things super seriously when preforming tasks and doing projects.

Remaining open to continuous learning- I am good at wanting to improve my learning and understanding of the world

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