Shumlin as an Innovator

On January 28th, Governer Peter Shumlin he had his State of the State address. It was mainly about the problem with heroin Vermont has. In his State of the State address, Governor Shumlin stacks up as a very good designer. He goes through a process in this speech very similar to the engineering design loop. He defiantly identifies the need. He calls the heroin problem in Vermont a “crisis” that we must fix. Shumlin has also done a lot of research. He gives us facts on the growth of heroin in Vermont such as since last year, Vermont has seen twice as many deaths from overdosing on heroin. He also tells stories of the horrors of heroin. Shumlin comes up with an extensive solution. He says that we must, “start treating drug addiction as the immediate health crisis that it is,” by opening treatment centers, put criminals who need it in treatment and not jail, be more efficient about cracking down on drug crimes, and by preventing addiction before it happens. His solution is very good. He identifies ever place were drug addiction can be stopped, by treating the addicted, by arresting the dealers, and by educating to avoid addicting all together. By this, he is creating his prototype, by offering his solutions. Shumlin has not yet gotten the opportunity to test his prototype, but we will soon. He is only in the middle of the engineering loop, so it is undetermined how well he will do the rest.


Shumlin shows by following the design loop that he is a good designer. If I were him, I would not only say why we need the solution he suggests, but how it has worked other places. That way we can see that he has picked the best prototype, by showing that has worked in other places or is working in Vermont. This would show how he has thought of other options. The design loop is really helpful when considering real world problems. It helps with thinking thoroughly. The only issue with using the design loop with a problem such as heroin use is that it takes a very long time to get results. So, it takes a while to know if it is doing well. Also, there is very little opportunity to change the prototype, like with a project in our class. Shumlin’s solution will take a while to see the results. Seeing this, his address shows how good of a designer he is. He is using all the steps he can in an effective way.

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    April 04, 2017