Stimulus Response: On Being an Innovator

The first piece of stimulus we have for this stimulus response is Alison Stace-Naughton’s lecture she gave to our class. Ms. Stace-Naughton talked to our class about her engineering and entrepreneurial experiences. She was a student at Dartmouth and with a group of students won a completion by building a machine that can hold down a stomach during surgery. She decided to keep going with her idea and make it into a real business. She has a few other engineering ventures that have to do with the medical field too, but her she is most involved with the stomach machine.


The second piece of stimulus all the things we have done so far in IDEA. In this class I have added a lot of tools to my tool box. We have learned many new concepts like hydraulics, the basics of engineering and how to be creative, just to name a few. The things we have learned have opened my mind to how engineers do and what it takes to create something.


A new insight that has come to me that I didn’t have at beginning of the year that I know now is how hard it can be to come up with an original idea. To do this, somebody needs all of the three elements of creativity. First you need to be motivated. Ms. Stace-Naughton wanted to build something that would change surgery forever.  She wanted to make something really awesome. She had tons of motivation. This year, to make something better and new, I have had to been really focus on creating something new. Without being motivated, you cannot make anything new. One must really want it. But, wanting it isn’t enough. Another aspect that is needed is creative thinking skills. Ms. Stace-Naughton was very smart and had the skills to think up a break through invention. During our hydraulics project, to make something new our group needs to be creative and think up something that would actually work. We needed creative thinking skills to do this. Lastly, to make something new, one needs expertise in that area. To figure out what she was going to make for her invention, Ms. Stace-Naughton needed to go to people who knew a lot about the medical world, the doctors and nurses at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Their expertise combined with Ms. Stace-Naughton knowledge of engineering allowed for her to create a new invention. In IDEA, you need expertise to make something great. This first time me and my group made our bolsa wood tower, we didn’t know much. Our tower was very bad and didn’t hold much weight at all. The second time we had much more knowledge in that area. We had the experience of our first time combined with some research we did. With all this knowledge, our group was able to make a tower that almost held 900lbs. Without our expertise our tower was terrible, but with knowledge we made a great one. I have learned how hard it is to make something new and great, but I have also learned what you need to get it done.

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