Stimulus Response: The Power of Community

The first piece of stimuli we looked at in this lesson was a TeD talk by Steve Johnson. He talks about how good ideas come to be. He said that coming about with original ideas are a very long process. They are not just that “Aha” moment. They come for everything that you have learned and talked about with others. Once a person has enough information to make this idea work, they have their idea.

The second piece of stimuli is a piece in WIRED Magazine by Clive Thompson. It is also about ideas. It talks about all the new ideas that have come to be through collaboration. One main way of collaboration he talks about it the internet. Many people can communicate their ideas through the internet. Since it is easier than ever to communicate with each other and have conversation, it is easier to come up with new ideas.


One trait to an innovator is to be a good listener. You must be able to listen to what others are saying, gather that knowledge, and use it for yourself. Another important is to have an open mind. You must think about different ways to use the things you know. A third very important trait of an innovator is to be critical. You must know what ideas of others are good a real. Also, you must be able to see what ideas of other people are B.S. That way, you know what you can really use to make a better idea.

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