Stimulus Response: What Real Innovation Looks Like

In our IDEA class was assigned to look at stimuli about innovators in our world, then respond to them. One of the pieces of stimuli was a video on Nightline about the company IDEO. IDEO designs products for companies. But, they have a different way of doing it. There is no strict chain of command. Everyone innovates. It is not just up to one person to create anything. Many people work together from different fields to make a product. The Nightline people told IDEO to create a new shopping cart in a week. By the end of the week, they came up with a new and improved shopping cart that is better for the customer. It has multiple baskets, a scanner for your items, and hangers for your bags. It was really amazing what they created in just seven days.


The other piece of stimuli was the first chapter of the book Creating Innovators by Tony Wagner. This talks about the importance of innovators for the U.S. economically and socially. To get our economy back on track, we must find some other to centralize the focus of our economy. That was is by innovating. Also, we need to fix many problems in our culture, such as the destruction of our environment and education in our country. We need Americans to be innovators.


These works make me think of how important a class like IDEA is. Since an important trait is to be able to innovate, IDEA can give me that base to start with. Even if I don't want to be an inventor or scientist, creativity can always help at any profession. It is always good to be able to create and use your imagination. I want to make a difference, so it is helpful to learn how to innovate, and think about other things that could help us in our world.


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